How to create a Terrarium garden with Notcutts

I have loved this summer in the garden. I’ve never taken an interest in outdoor planting before, probably because the footballing boys battered every plant we ever had. But now they’ve grown up we have our garden back and I realise I have green fingers.

But autumn is here and winter will follow so what about my outdoor container planting?

Well, I made a new discovery. Who thought my hobbies of container planting and crafts could combine fabulously, not me. But thanks to an invitation from Notcutts Garden Centre to take part in one of their new craft classes I got the opportunity to be creative with indoor planting and create a Terrarium.

Set in a large gazebo at the back of Rivendell the tables were laid ready with a complete kit of container and utensils, including the cutest telescopic mini spade & fork.

This was my creation station, and as the workshop was suitable for beginners I was confused by the narrow necked bottle, surely I wasn’t supposed to get plants in there!

Starting with the ingredients for a perfect planting environment. Glass container, gravel, charcoal, (this prevents mould developing, science in planting) and then compost.

It was now ready for plants and there was quite a selection to choose from. The aim is to separate roots to a size that will fit through the neck of the bottle.

Using the long tweezers hold the plant just above the root, slowly lower and place into the compost. The telescopic spade and fork are used to make sure the plant is sturdy and rooted. Concentration was high, but considering I have arthritis in my hands even I could manage it.

While we left everything to settle it was time for tea and delicious cake, always the hardest decision, what flavour cake!

Now ready for the final stage, adding water, amazingly only a few tablespoons needed. The environment in the glass keeps the plants watered with no need to add more, how fascinating.

My completed Terrarium and review…


I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. An afternoon with friendly informative plant professionals and a group of people I hadn’t met before. We were creative and learnt so much, bringing home all of the kit means I can do this again. And I will. There was a mixture of men and women in our group. Two women had bought the workshop as Christmas presents for each other, what a great idea.

The cost of this workshop was £60 which I think is great value for money as the Terrarium kit alone costs £50 instore. We had expert tuition, a brief history of the Terrarium, our choice of plants, unlimited tea & coffee and an enormous piece of delicious cake. We discussed our creations, compared chosen plants and generally had a lovely time.

I will definitely sign up to a Notcutts workshop again. There are a variety of creative classes from container planting and willow weaving to candle making and more. Find what’s on at your nearest centre here.

I’m now off to book our Ralf into their Santa Paws Dog Grotto, well folks this is what happens when your kids are grown up. 😂


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