Grey hair, how to let your grey take over

Remember when grey hair meant looking old, like your Nan. Now women are choosing to have grey hair even to the extent of paying expensive colour stylists to get that right silver grey shade.

So, for the first time, are you lucky if you are going grey naturally?

I’ve wanted to let my grey take over for a few years. My hairdresser warned me that I wouldn’t know the colour or texture until it started to grow. She made me doubt myself so I continued with my highlights, which I didn’t love.

But Being lazy about my colour was a blessing in disguise. One day while sitting at the desk my friend standing over me asked about my root growth. She said the grey coming through blended with my highlights so well that if she was me she’d leave it to grow.

That was all the encouragement I needed, so I did!

I quickly noticed the texture was so much nicer, softer, than my colour treated hair. As it grew around my hairline the very light grey was really flattering and I immediately started to love it.

For the first time in a lot of years I felt like me.

grey hair

When I called my hairdresser to trim my hair and she saw the growth of grey she totally agreed it was the right thing for me.

But how do you decide?

You could say mine was an accidental decision, but I was in the right frame of mind to do it. You need to feel confident in your decision as it doesn’t happen overnight.

How to do it…

It took 18 months for my shoulder length hair to be completely grey, which is the average. Short hair could be completely grey in half the time.

It’s a lot easier if you have lighter hair, Josh Wood grey hair specialist suggests: Start by leaving a little bit of grey around the hairline. For darker hair have some highlights added around the face which will help break up the growth.

I think you only need a fine top layer of highlights to start the mix, anything that will break up the block colour to begin with. If the roots seem quite harsh in the beginning try a temporary root concealer, the ones that wash out.

If you have longer hair you could add layers for texture & distraction. Maybe Consider going shorter for a while, Josh Wood says go as short as you dare.

Whatever length you decide you need to keep a style that makes the grey look modern. I keep mine as a centre part, blunt cut bob, just above my shoulder. It seems to sit well and the grey suits the style.

As your grey hair grows you will discover the texture. I felt lucky to have silky soft grey but if yours feels a bit coarse or wiry don’t panic, there are fab products available to help produce that smooth style.

So… the only way to do it, is to do it… and if you suddenly change your mind you can always have it coloured back.


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  • Yours looks fabulous! I’m not ready yet to do it – to be honest I’m not sure that I will be. My hair used to be almost black naturally & I started getting a few greys quite early. I’m now 52 and my hairdresser tells me that I’m only grey at the front, on top and one side. And the hair that is grey is quite coarse. Good on you though, you look amazing. Visiting from #MLSTL

    • Thanks Joanne, you definitely have to be in the right frame of mind to do it. I hated my hair colour so I felt it was a bit of an easier decision for me.

  • I always admire women who “embrace the grey” I think it helps if you have hair that’s a pretty shade of grey and that there is a lot of grey. I only have a little bit of grey here and there and it’s easier to blend it in with some foils than to leave it sprinkled around. I’ll re-consider when grey becomes my main shade – hopefully mine will be pretty and soft like yours!
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

  • Hi Lorraine I’ve been colouring my hair for quite some time but recently my hairdresser suggested going more natural with my colour. It is blending in beautifully with my ‘grey’ which is actually more white. It can be hard to take the plunge and stop colouring your hair especially with the growing out phase. I’m actually of the belief that we should do what is right for us. Colour if you wish or go natural -whatever makes you feel good. Thanks for sharing at #MLSTL and have a lovely weekend. xx

    • Absolutely agree that it’s personal taste Sue, who would have thought it would be fashionable, it’s great to have the choice.

  • This was an interesting post and a topic many women question as they age. I’m fortunate, so far, to not have too many grey hairs and my hairdresser doesn’t think I will ever go completely grey. I am 58 and light brunette with little regrowth down the off centre part. I will be keeping an eye on this growth and discuss with my hairdresser as time goes by! Thanks for sharing your thoughts #mlstl

  • Your hair looks fabulous – and the style definitely suits you. Ive got quite a few silver hairs in mine now (which I’ve never dyed or permed) so I’ll be going grey naturally… my mum’s hair still has a hint of brown so I reck0n I’ll be reet 🙂

  • I am just beginning this journey. Had my hair trimmed yesterday and am a long way from getting where I want to be – natural! I have pretty bold highlights on my naturally dark brown hair. Bought purple shampoo to neutralize the blonde a little. And may use a glaze to darken the highlights without dying the gray.

    Your results are chic and elegant and beautiful. Love that you have the confidence at this time in your life to hold your head up high and embrace your natural beauty.