Fifty, never too old to make changes

Being a fifty something making changes I was interested to see this tweet seeking career changing thirty somethings. The responses were unexpected and so innovative and diverse.

But then more relevant to me personally was this article from The Times my friend sent me the very same day. Talk about coincidence…

article headline from the times

I was glad to see having a crisis of confidence for starting something new is common, it wasn’t just me. More than ever women in their fifties are making changes. The subject featured in the Times article by Camilla Cavendish is also the subject of her book Extra Time: Ten Lessons for an Ageing Society.

Wether it be redundancy or retirement or just sheer boredom. Women in their 50’s and 60’s are taking chances on new careers. Things they’ve dreamt of doing and in lots of cases it’s working.

There are now more women over 50 in work than ever before. Starting businesses or re-training for a new career and being their own boss. Employment in the UK is at its highest since 1971 and workers over the age of fifty are a key factor in the peak. Including 38% more women than 10 years ago.

I kept saying I was too old. Too old to go to a networking event, too old to start new challenges, especially too old to be with all the thirty and forty somethings in the social media world.

But learning new things keeps our brains in shape. These articles remind us that we are capable of change at any age and are never too old to try something new.

For many women looking for something new is about a change of pace. Looking to replace stressful roles with part-time or alternative careers, and job satisfaction is key. It’s about flexibility, working from home, choosing your own hours. And if you are working long hours spend it doing something you love. 

What Camilla discovered. She says, the message from the women on these pages is that none of us need to have any desire to retire. Most of us, it turns out, are still growing up.

Starting a new blog seems minuscule to starting a company or new training but it’s all about finding a sense of purpose. This could just be the beginning. Remind ourselves we are capable of change, and who knows where it will lead to next.


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  • I love this, Lorraine. It’s so inspiring to seeing women ahead of me in terms of age really paving the way for change. I hope I’m never too old to try new things or start something new. It would make life really boring, right?!

    • Thanks. It has really encouraged me to just do the things I have always wanted to do and not associate them with age.

  • This is ringing really true for me. Left my career (teaching) in my late 40’s. Now I’m 50 and thinking about going into art therapy (mainly felting!). Thanks for your thought provoking article!

    • Mandy, that is a brilliant idea, especially with your felting. I imagine it to be very therapeutic and also a perfect chance to talk while you are occupied making something.