Small changes for better health over fifty

So, we’ve had Christmas and what can I say, it’s time for small changes for better health. I’ve eaten two boxes of Ferrero Rocher and they weren’t the small boxes. Left in front of me the temptation to eat them was too hard to bear, and now I’m feeling all that sugar.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed them they’re my favourites. I only have them at birthdays and  Christmas so they’re definitely a treat. But it is excessive in this short space of time.

I feel I’m now ready to refresh and start the year with a few plans. So what do I do… start looking at healthy eating plans and exercise of course, doesn’t everybody.

I’m not making resolutions and I don’t need a diet so my plan is to eat healthier and find an exercise class suitable for arthritis. The class, I’ve found, the eating needs more planning but here’s what I’m thinking.

Small changes everyday that can make for a better diet.

1. Cut out as much Sugar as possible.

2. Breakfast of eggs, poached scrambled or omelette. they’re better than toast or cereal.

3. More fish for lunch, tuna or salmon, tinned is fine. Oily fish is always good mackerel or sardines.

4. Try to avoid bread and pasta as much as I can, have whole grain on other days. Eat more grains, beans, lentils, chickpeas, veg and avocado.


6. Drink more water!  (something I forget about)

What do you think about absolutely no biscuits?

Apparently it’s good to eat the biscuit and get it off your mind. 2020 will see the rise in intuitive exercise and mental health care at the gym. Paying more attention to how we feel mentally and physically before and during exercise. So don’t dwell on the biscuit, eat it then forget about it and don’t feel guilty.

My exercise plan is simple. I’m joining a Yoga class suitable for all ages and ability, with simple changes enabling me to take part despite my arthritis. I’m also going to get into a better dog walking routine throughout the week, Ralf will be happy about that.

I also had a taster of a relaxing beauty therapy before Christmas…. but that’s a story for next month.

2020 is going to be refreshing for my mind and body and hopefully my health. Are you making any positive changes in 2020?






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  • I think limiting the biscuit intake is better than a complete cull – unless like me, you’re an ‘all or nothing’ person. There’s something quite satisfying about being able to say no to temptation, although I am much more relaxed at the weekends (and in fact, polished off about 10 Ferraro Rochers last night!) Well done on joining a yoga class. I’m looking to do this (or Tai Chi or something similar) but via a YouTube channel tutorial – not at that level when I can do it in front of people (yet!)

    • I should do youtube Tai Chi i’ve never thought of that Lauretta. The Tai Chi class I went to was too long for me, good idea i’m going to see if I can find one online.

  • I have just bought a soda stream so I can keep up my intake of sparkling water but also save on recycling, and I so need to cut that sugar down again my consumption has really crept up x

    • Christmas brings out all the sugar Sarah, well done on the soda stream, it will keep up your water intake too.

  • I’m continuing with my Project Excess Baggage. I lost 10 kgs before Christmas (and need to lose about another 15) but put a couple on while we were in the UK for a month. I have, however, lost almost all of that so it’s back to workday routine for me. Eggs (boiled or poached) for brekky, homemade veggie soup for lunch, small tin of tuna for snacks & protein & veg for dinner. Oh and walking. It’s not complicated & I look forward to my wine and other little treats on a weekend. As for the “no biscuits”, yeah, if you want one, have it, own it and move on. Small changes, no guilt.

  • I’m always interested to see what others are planning for themselves health-wise. I’ve been really good with my portion control and didn’t add any weight over Christmas (thank goodness). I’ve thought about giving up carbs and sugar, but I like them both and have decided to stick with moderation and the idea of less energy in and more energy out as my way of keeping the kilos in check in 2020.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

  • I agree with all your points and will also be trying to do something similar. Isn’t it funny how we forget to drink water and it’s such a necessary thing for us?? After my 2 month holiday in wintery England I’m now able to get back into more fresh foods, salads and less of the fatty starchy foods which go so well with winter weather! All the best for 2020 🙂 #mlstl

  • I am working on many of the same small healthy changes for the new year. I always seem to forget about drinking the water. And I am adding in more exercise and cutting the sugar down.
    Good luck to all of us on creating a healthier lifestyle for 2020.

  • I am 100% with you in regards to your plan and implementing as many things as you are in my daily diet. I am really focusing on severely limiting my carb and especially my sugar intake. Great post! Visiting from MSLP

  • I, too, am working on making little changes. lst week it was to log everything I ate. This week it is to cut back sugar ( after all those holiday treats) and bread. I am using the small changes approach in hopes that it will all stick! MLSTL

    • I’ve never done a log or food diary, I might try that starting on Monday. If I do it properly it should help me see what I need to watch, thanks for the idea Michele.

  • I’m always trying to be a bit more active and go to the gym more, though I don’t always succeed. I relate to how you feel after Christmas – way too much junk passed my lips and now it’s time to try harder. So while I’ll have a go at being a bit better, I’m not sure I want to imagine a world with biscuits!

  • Hi Lorraine, Great post! I like how you use the phrase “small changes.” It is often the small things that can be our downfall and also for making positive changes. The drink more water seems to really affect my health and my energy. I also like your word “refreshing.” Definitely positive changes for 2020! #MLSTL and sharing SM